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How to Intern Abroad

There are many websites out there that offer paid internship programs abroad. However, many of these programs require you to pay a large sum of deposit or some kind of monthly payment in order to participate. For my internships I decided  to apply for an overseas internship position directly at the source! The big benefit here is that YOU decide where you want to go, how much you want to get paid and which company you like to intern for.

Before I show you how to get one of these amazing overseas internships, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Sandor Kerst and on the age of 20 I went abroad for my first international internship in Thailand. A year later I accomplished the same thing in Japan for my disseration research internship. During my time abroad I have been to more than 7 countries in Asia, seen most of the countries I was interning in and made some amazing lifetime friendships everywhere I stayed. The best thing is that I arranged it all myself without the help of internship organizations online, exchange programs or any other kind of paid services. 

What is an overseas internship?

It is the ideal combination of holiday and study. During the weekdays you will work as a full- or part-time intern at the company you have chosen. During the weekends you will have the oppertunity to travel anywhere in or outside the country you are residing in. You will meet cool local people and other travellers and visit new places together every weekend. Depending on where you want to go, you can relax on the beach, party hard in the coolest clubs, eat great local food, go sightseeing or plan a adventurous trip etc.
And in most cases you will even get a nice internship fee from your company which supports all of that! 

Is living and working abroad something for you?

Getting an internship in another country is not meant for lazy people. The process of getting hired by a good international company might take a while and requires allot of patience and motivation from your side. But once you do get hired by one of your chosen companies, your time will be absolutely amazing. Are you considering going abroad for your internship. Here is what is awaiting you: 

Travel the world TRAVELLING ALLOT - During your internship period you will occasionally visit other parts of the country. During the weeksdays you can plan your weekend trips alone or with friends, and when friday afternoon hits, it is time to pack and go! Countries all over the world offer a wide variations of things to see and do.


THE SOCIAL LIFE OF AN INTERN ABROAD - Making friends abroad is super easy. There are many like-minded students, travellers and locals like you enjoying there time there by meeting up. If you plan on going alone, you won't have to be afraid of being alone. During the week days you can meet up for dinner and in the weekends party or go on a mini trip.


 Get paid for your internship!INTERNSHIP SALARY / FEE - Most companies pay interns for their work activities. This can range from $300 till $800 a month depending on the country, company and your negotiating skills! These are nice extra's that will support you in housing, leisure activities and more.


Living and working abroadINTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIPS - During you stay, you will meet people from all over the world and share each others cultures. Good long-lasting friendships will be created and you will notice how your knowlegde in people, culture and life experience extends.


Working and living abroad WORK, STUDY AND LEARN - Working in another country gives you extra obstacles to deal with such as culture and language barriers. You'll learn new things that contribute to your field of interest and study while being on a long holiday. If your mother language is not English, you will definitily gain a boost.


Working and living abroadYOUR FUTURE - An overseas internship is a powerful reference on your resume. Future employers will directly understand the self-independent process you went through, which is not easy. You will also create new international connections for if you are interested in pernamently working abroad.


Working and living abroad EXTRA HOLIDAY TIME - Plan some extra time at the beginning or end of your internship period to enjoy the country in its full glory. Relaxing on the beaches, travelling to other surrounding countries, tasting local dishes, it is all part of your internship!


...The above is just a small summary of the things you can expect during your internship abroad. But how do you obtain one?

Getting started

If you search the web for overseas internships, an internship in Europe, internships United States etc., chances are big you will end up on a website that arranges internships for money. During my time abroad I met several interns that have tried these online bureaus for their internships. One of them told me he paid one of these agencies around $300 for a ‘guaranteed’ internship in Spain. However, $300 and a month later, they e-mailed and told him that there were no internships available in his field of interest in Spain on that time. However, they did offer him three internship placements at a couple of unknown companies in his own country. Does that make any sense? I strongly recommend you to not use these so called agencies!

The process of getting hired by an international company abroad is difficult to understand if you are unprepared. In most cases, you will give up after a while because most of them do not even bother to reply to your cover letters at all! Most universities do not offer what you are looking for. They might have connecitons with a couple of companies abroad, but that does not say anything. Interns I met from all over the world came by their own and arranged everything all by them selves.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to intern abroad?"

I bet at least a couple of people will strongly recommend you to stay in your own country for your internship. Most teachers, friends and family members often think an internship abroad is:  too difficult, only meant for top notch students, requiring prefect language skills etc. That is what they've told me when I explained that I wanted to go for an international internship very badly. There where loads of oppertunities from well respected companies just around the corner, but I refused them all because the experience of living and working abroad is something unique and a once in a lifetime oppertunitiy. And yes, you can agree that arranging an overseas intership is not an easy job. Yet, there are only two essential qualties that will get you there:

- Motivation
- A high self-esteem

The Guide So get yourself together, and get ready to find out how to get hired by an international company anywhere in the world for your dream internship!

It is all explained in: 

"The ultimate guide for finding the perfect intership abroad in the city of your dreams"

An internship abroad


Why I wrote this guide

When I came back from my first internship in Thailand, I decided to give a couple of seminars to classes on my own university. After every class, I noticed how many questions I received from my fellow students. Also by mail I received quite allot of questions which where all basically the same. “How do I find a good company in [cityname] and make them hire me?
After answering a couple of e-mails, I found out I was typing the same huge amount of text to everyone. So I decided to make one big bundle of tips, advice and explanations of how the complete process works from your country to the final internship destination. With the help of other international interns from all over the world that shared their methods and tricks to me, the guide will be able to show you how I and my friends were able to get amazing internships abroad without having allot of money or connections.

And the best thing is, the guide really helps!!! I gave the guide, in his pre-early release version, to a couple of students I knew that where trying to get an overseas internship. I was happy to hear that all of them received positive e-mails back a few weeks later from companies all of the world. My goal is to help as many students as possible in aquiring their overseas internship. The guide provided them the methods and tools to contact hundreds of qualified companies and in the end they were able to filter the most interesting ones down to only one that they liked best! The guide will give you the chance to experience something unique for 6 to 12 months in a city anywhere on earth. Interning abroad combines working and living in another country while still fully concentrating on your study. 

Here is how you might experience an internship abroad....

"Before I started my internship in Shanghai, I had no idea of what to expect. It was my first time going abroad alone and it was all very exciting. My company not only paid me for the internship but also arranged a top-notch apartment in the heart of the city centre, which had a mind-blowing view! In the first few weeks all I did was discovering the beautiful Chinese culture and the high-tech city itself. Together with some great people I met during my time there, I got used to the city and even miss it right now! Shanghai for my internship was in one word Amazing!” 

- Ronald Versteeg, The Netherlands

The guide is written for everyone who wants to go abroad and live a similar lifestyle for the duration of 6 to 12 months. Is does not matter where you live or where you want to go, it is possible so use that oppertunity you have! 

A quick overview of the guide...

The internship abroad guide

What does it cost?

The guide will cost you a onetime:

$16 USD 
(December 2013 version)

That's it, that is all you need to pay for accessing the guide that can help you to realize a student dream. Working and living in another country while still studying! 
The small one time payment of $16 can be seen as an investment for aquiring an extended holiday in the country of your dreams! When you get back from being abroad, you will laugh about the $16 you had invested in getting hired by companies all around the world. 

Order now

You will get instant access to the guide as soon as you made the purchase. An e-mail will be send to you with a secure download link.  
(The format of your guide will be Adobe PDF.) 

How do I know this guide is going to help me?

I tried the best I could to explain the hiring process, the way you should apply and be prepared and many more. The guide is a format, a structured ready-to-use method for getting an internship abroad. I tested this format with a couple of students of my own universitiy and they all got lucky by getting Skype interviews, positive replies and were even able to filter their found companies down to the one they liked most. 
Are you exploring your options as an intern abroad? Are you already searching your ass of without no luck? Or perphaps you just do not know where to look first. The guide will be the perfect start and end of your overseas internship search. 

Something extra!

If you download the guide you will also find access to an extra bonus cover letters used by my friends for their internship application. And last but not least, you will find my direct personal e-mail adress inside the guide so you can ask for my assistance anytime you want! I can give you extra personal tips and tell you more about the hiring process.

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Safe travels!

The internship abroad guide

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